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This Is How Qnet Reacts To The Arrest Of Vihaan Director

The Hong Kong direct selling firm Qnet has released a statement in regards to the arrest of the Vihaan Director. According to the information given, this is something that is agents the Supreme Court order. The claims that they make is that the supreme court has allowed the Vihaan direct selling in a court proceeding that took place on 25th January 2019 The statement states that there is no coercive action that was needed to be taken by the company until further orders.

Though this was the statement the Cyberabad arrest three people in this regard on 26th January 2019.The directed by Vihaan Dilip Raj Pukkela and two other representatives that were independent. These individuals were arrested of running a Ponzi scheme through multi-level marketing. When the arrest was made, Dilip stated that he did not have financial deals with Qnet.At the same time, he said that he does not have any say with the working of the company. The data was taken in a video.

The information that has been released by Qnet is that the arrest of Dilip was nothing more than police harassments. They stated that in this scenario, the police has acted against the supreme court. The statement which was released stated that the action which was taken by the police did not have any civil or criminal law conformance. The thing to note is that Qnet states that the information which was given by the Vihaan director was against his wish. The data are given states that the claims were made after the threats from the police. Claiming that he was threatened into given the statement.

The thing is that Qnet is also looking into the statement that has been made by the policed. they want to understand why the orders given by the supreme court were ignored. According to the report by Qnet is that no matter what the police are saying, the business that they are running is legit. The company claims that they pay the distributes commission based on the commodities that they have sold.The company claims  there is no truth to claims that the company is a money circulation scheme.

The thing that you should put in mind is that according to the report given by Qnet Vihaan was acting under Central Government’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs as well as the State of Telangana law. The company which is based in Hong Kong operated states that the model of direct selling and with e-commerce in various countries. They also claim that the state has guidelines which offer ideal adjudication and dispute resolution mechanism. Qnet is concerned since the government has arrested based on false information. For more information, click on this link:

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Measures to End the Unlawful Apprehending

In every society, there are laws which guarantee and protect the rights of every citizen.  The laws also, do state the punishment to the offender and how the victim must be compensated. By following those laws, therefore, everyone finds freedom and everything is balanced within the society.  However, many officials abuse their offices and their powers just because of the governmental positions they hold. The injustice will become a standard if there are no collective actions taken against it.  This article will inform you on how to stand against injustice.

Work with Other Victims

 Nothing is more powerful in society than the action is taken collectively and more particularly when it comes to human rights. And lawbreakers get strength and courage because victims are silent.  Therefore, the most effective way to defeat unfairness is to address it openly at QNet.  Injustice is abhorred by the majority of people in all the countries of the world. Thus, when victims come together and raise their voices they will get a lot of support from other citizens including the most prominent people in the country.  Accordingly, the malevolence forces in society will fear and stop their undeserving actions.


Act Lawfully

  A victim will never feel relieved until they find justice against the offense committed. It can be very hard for the victim to handle the pain and deal with all legal procedures alone, seeking justice.  You will get that assistance by hiring a QNet lawyer. A lawyer will stand and fight for you throughout the case trial.     However, you must evaluate the lawyer’s skills and experience first before choosing them. 


Work with the Human Right Agencies

 In most of the countries, there are various human right organizations that help out victims of various crimes in different ways.  You will find that the majority of those agencies are governed by former victims who went through tough times like you.  Those organizations are only professionally oriented they never segregate any particular person.  Those agencies will help you in many ways, that is why reaching out to them can be a necessary idea.  For you to find them you may inquire from your close people so as to have a word of mouth referral.  The other possible way of finding them is through the internet. If you search them online you will see all potential human right agencies near you. You will see their location, schedule and contact.  As you got their contact details, you may start communicating, inform them the kind of assistance you would like to receive. For more information, click on this link:

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Why People Are Now Reading News Online

When it comes to getting daily news, your options include the newspaper, the radio, or the TV. These three mediums were what most people from across the globe relied on if they want to get as much information about what is happening around the world. With the insurgence of the internet, you cannot say the same thing anymore. It has become very common for news outlets to find ways for them to reach out to a bigger audience, and that is with the use of the web in their reinvention. By bringing the news to other people through QNet online means, they will be distributed much faster and easier.

Every year, printed newspapers are losing their subscribers. This is because people are on the constant lookout for ways to get the news aside from this medium. In the year 1970, newspaper sales have reached their all-time high amounting to more or less 62 million newspapers sold every single day. Despite the fact that the population has gone up, you have to understand that newspaper sales are not doing the same. Today, the estimated count for newspaper sales is 55 million copies on a per-day basis.

As stated, there are countless reasons why the newspaper is not the only thing that people get their news from. In addition, people are not reading as much as they were used to. The lives of most if not all people have become so busy that having the time to read the newspaper seems very impossible to do.

A lot of people have made the switch when it comes to getting their news. Cable news programs of today are the ones that are replacing the newspapers. Your options of TV news are becoming many. There is no doubt that you can find the best option for your news preferences and tastes.

Though most older adults go to newspapers to read the news, their younger counterparts for QNet online news. Even if TV news has become accessible for a lot of people, the internet has turned out as one favorite news source. If you want to get some news online, you can choose between news portals, news blogs, and online newspapers.

Online news is becoming more and more popular each day. Most newspapers from across the globe already have their own online newspaper versions. There are also increasing numbers of news blogs on the internet.

The use of news blogs as RSS feeds is one of the reasons why they have become very popular. This makes it possible for the news feed to be used by other blogs. This gives other viewers on the web to gain access to the news in a more convenient manner. More people choose them because their reactions or comments can be posted online that invites dialogue between other people. For more information, click on this link:

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How to Search for News from the Internet

Online news have become a preference for many people. People can always remain updated even when they are away from home through online news. Although some companies give the employees the privilege of a television within the workstations, it likely that most of the workers never get time to view it. In the modern world, the newspapers are still a priority for some people to get updates about the world. The significance of the newspapers still remain the same as the news sources cannot give detailed information.

Mobile phones have enabled people to stay at the top of the news by getting current events from the internet. People have come to trust the internet for timely information on the events happening around the world. Information from the QNet online resources is at times transferred to the televisions by the journalists. People have the freedom to post their stories in the social media in which some use the opportunity to mislead others by posting false information.

The focus on short articles within the internet can give provide more trusted news for people. People who do not have enough trust for the social media news can focus on the articles with fewer words as they are less likely to be exaggerated. Some people get to the internet to look for the top stories. The classification of information can be an indication that the individual loading such information has proper knowledge of what they post. Getting news from the online resources might force the viewers to translate to be able to understand different languages.

People can be able to get all the necessary information by searching for the news in Google as it has the capability to draw the top stories from different websites. The search engine is able to filter information from trusted sites so as to feed the viewers with valid news. Both audio and written information is available who are interested in getting news from the internet. QNet stories from the internet can be more informative to the readers as they are able to see both the images and written information accompanying them. With the internet, people can be able to view their favorite television channels from wherever they are. 

There is no need for people to stress themselves with the long newspapers as they just need to have internet in their cell phones to read all the information they need from the newspaper without getting everyone to know they are reading the newspapers. News sites that have high ratings by the public due to quality information should be the focus for people. People can be able to get the content of interest without wasting time in listening other stories which are not of use to them like in the television channels and the radio stations. For more information, click on this link:

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Guide to Find the Best News Website

When you are updated of the latest news ion the world, then you will be better placed.  It is the TV and radio that will be the sources of news you will consider.  Though, there can be a time that you are not placed well to reach these news channels.  Work and work-related issues are some of the things that will make you not get the news at the right time. Therefore, you will consider looking for a news website, so that you can read later when you have your free time.  The use of social media websites have led to increased use of the news website. There are many news websites that you will find in the internet, though not all will be the right choice for you.  The news website should deliver you the news that is relevant to you. With the right information, you will be sure to find the perfect news QNet website for your needs. For that reason, you will use the following factors explained here in this article, to find the perfect news website.

 The type of the news will be one of the things you will use to confirm the best news website for you. For instance, there are the political news, commercial and economic news as well as the entertainment news. You will then determine the type of news that you want to subscribe to find the perfect news website that specializes in the type of news.  Though, there are news websites that are meant to cover the news across all websites.

Besides, you will want to consider the locality of the news. Most of the news websites will offer international news. It is good to know what happens in the other countries, especially those countries that have superpower economy. QNet news will have an influence in your local news, for instance, the economy.  In as much as you can be considering international news, you will find that some are irrelevant. You will need to consider the local news that will be affecting you within your state.  Besides the international news, you will be also considering the local news.  You will want to know more about the weather, or the political news like the elections, so you will consider the news website that is airing local news.  Also, these types of news will be ideal for you, more so when you want to invest locally. The government will also be stipulation laws locally that you will only get when you read the local news. For more information, click on this link:

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